The K-Bowl has been designed to help players and coaches improve their understanding of what the ball is doing in the air after it is released from the bowlers’ hand.

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  • K-Bowl cannot be bowled incorrectly….at least not without noticing! If incorrectly released it won’t travel through the air correctly or bounce of the wicket correctly. It will be obvious.
  • Crucially K-Bowl provides instant visual feedback as to:
    1. The direction of the seam as it travels through the air
    2. The axis of rotation of the ball
    3. The plane/tilt of the ball
  • Available in leather and plastic (all-weather).
  • Safety
    1. K-Bowl may bounce unpredictably due to its unique shape.Therefore it should not be bowled at any person.
    2. K-Bowl is intended as a bowlers training tool only.
    3. No liability will be accepted for any injury caused through use of K-Bowl contrary to these instructions.



Leather, Plastic (all weather)


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